After much discussion and deliberation, the book will not release September 24. Instead, it’ll release July 12.

My editor has been very complimentary of the novel, and since it is complete, I’m ready. My publisher is as well, so there is no need to wait. The project is well ahead of schedule, and all of us are ready to go. A New Requiem will be available at major book retailers everywhere Friday, July 12.

If you want to pre-order and make sure you get your copy that day, you can do so. The pre-order period begins June 12, which is just 16 days away! You can pre-order the hardcover and paperback editions on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets beginning that day, and e-book and audiobook versions will be available on July 12 for instant download on all your devices.

I can’t believe it’s this close, but I am about as excited as I can be. As I’ve said many times before, this is my lifelong dream come true. I’ll get to see a physical copy of the book in just a few days now, and I cannot wait to experience that moment. It’ll be one I’ll never forget.

This will be the hardcover, paperback, and e-book cover design for the first edition of “A New Requiem.”

As you have likely seen by now, I revealed the cover today, too. Simply put, I could not have been more pleased with it. When planning with the designer, I told him I wanted an illustrated, simplistic cover that looked deathly and grim, yet still resembled hope. And I obviously wanted a cover that contained elements of music to fit the underlying theme of Mozart’s Requiem, something that is prevalent, and relevant, throughout the story. Most notably, though, I shared the synopsis of the novel with him, and what he designed and ultimately created is above and beyond what I desired. The cover is so telling of the actual story, and I’m so thankful that I finally could release it. Some of you may not have cared to see it, some of you may have been dying to…either way, it’s been very difficult to hang onto this one for the last 3 months and not share it! Again, a big thank you to my designer who did an excellent job with the cover. While it is just a small part of this project, I imagine any author (especially a debut novelist) is excited about releasing the cover design. It’s a visual representation of what I’ve worked on for so long, and in my case, it is exactly what I wanted.

Finally, I want to note that releasing the book on July 12 is no coincidence. When I realized we were ahead of schedule, I wanted to pick a date that mattered. And so I did.

July 12 is my mother’s birthday. Tammy Jenkins was born on July 12, 1959, and beginning in 1987 has had an impact on my life that is unexplainable. While I could credit so many people for impacting my life in a positive way, it just seemed like a fitting tribute to my mother who has always pushed me to be and do my best. And to realize this dream on her birthday is most fitting.

Thanks Mom. I hope you’ll feel blessed to share that date with me. Thank you for your support as I fulfilled this dream, and always pushing me to be be best I can be. This is a permanent way for you to know that I have never, and will never, forget all you’ve done for me.

A New Requiem. Available at retailers everywhere July 12.

I’ll be headed to New York City for a mini vacation in a couple weeks. I’ll keep you posted on all my travels and such around that time. See you soon.

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  1. Kimberley King says:

    Awesome!!! Congratulations….can’t wait to read it!!

  2. Blonnie B. Johnson says:

    So proud of your accomplishments and such a loving
    tribute to your Mom to release on her birthday!

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