Help Needed!

I’m currently writing my second novel titled Queen of a Gentleman’s Game, the first in a three-book series, and in it I’m taking on the greatest challenge of my writing career so far: writing in first-person from the perspective of a woman.

I knew from the onset this would not be easy. It’s a thriller set mainly in the early 1970s that follows the rise of Kay Jordan, a strong woman from...

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A Heart-to-Heart with All of You

For the last year, I have thought about what I would say to you today. It's the day before my debut novel releases to the world -- the day before the biggest dream I've ever imagined is realized. And so now...I want to have a heart-to-heart with you.

For the past few months, I've received more encouragement and support than I could have ever imagined. You've helped me live this dream so far...I cannot thank you enough. From the likes and comments on my posts to the heart-felt...

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