About Lance

B. Lance Jenkins is a writer, speaker, and businessman in the greater NC Piedmont Triad area, and the co-founder of The Richmond Observer, a daily local news publication in Richmond County, NC.

He studied history at Chowan University and performed as a member of the community chorus, where he was inspired to include Mozart’s Requiem as a central theme in his novel, A New Requiem.

The creation of Dwight Kerry, one of the main characters in the novel, was inspired by his real-life vocal instructor, Dwight Berry, a former choir director and teacher in Roanoke Rapids, NC who passed away from lung cancer in 2018. Dwight and Lance became friends and colleagues while working together and performing at multiple venues in northeastern North Carolina – Dwight as a pianist and Lance as a solo baritone.

In 2017 Lance informed Dwight he would be writing a novel that would feature him as the inspiration for one of the book’s central characters, and looks forward to dedicating the work to his memory and to the cause of equality and understanding.